Thursday, July 23, 2009

And we walked off to look for America ....

We are off to The Villages in Florida tomorrow morning before the crack of dawn. So get ready for lots of silly "us" photos where we hold the camera in front of us and snap our beaming vacation faces. While at Nader and Hind’s this past weekend, I overheard Mr. Husband announce to the group that we are leaving for Florida at “4:30 am on Friday morning!” Wow. That’s amazing. I can’t wait to see Mr. Husband get himself up that early. But the man’s got initiative! Go, Mr. Husband! We’ve got it all planned out, but our plans are going slightly awry already. We’ll plug good ol’ Karen into the cigarette lighter (the Lumina is so old that it has a cigarette lighter) and let her guide us through the backwoods of Alabama and through the peachy backwoods of Georgia where we’ll slide into Florida in the early afternoon.

It’s imperative that we get to The Villages before happy hour at 4:00 pm. Dad has collected a mass of five dollar coupons for hamburger night at the Arnold Palmer Country Club. Sweet coupon special! We will all eat the coupon-burgers and drink two glasses of wine for the price of one. BIG glasses of wine. The wine glasses in The Villages are really goblets and not truly wine glasses. As if gulping is totally expected and required.

While Mr. Husband has the driving all planned out with the route we’ll take and the books we’ll read (I will read a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories out loud to the Mr. Husband-driving), it is my father who will take over as soon as we hit The Villages boundary line. Dad is in charge. Dad is so the boss of me and Mr. Husband. That’s ok, we do not mind at all for a week. Actually, it’s only going to be three solid days of Dad bossing us around and helping us to learn the right way to do everything. Monday night, we leave for Orlando to go to Disney World.

Yes! We will see the Magic Kingdom. And thanks to Mr. Husband’s incredibly organized boss, we will be one step ahead of the game. Gary, the boss man, has provided us with a meticulous list of Disney tips. An amazing list of Disney do’s and don’ts. A guide for what to do when and where to do it for the optimum Disney experience. We read the Disney Tips guide last night in bed, and I could see the perspiration break out on Mr. Husband’s forehead. He didn’t realize that preparing for Disney World is going to be like going to boot camp. We must pack and plan and get into fighting shape to make it to the best rides quickly first thing in the morning.

A challenge! I’m thrilled with the aspect of adventure! We are ever-thankful to Mr. Gary for putting us three steps ahead of that annoying family that cannot find their tickets at the gate. We will not hold up the line! We will lead the march. Here we come, Mickey!

Before the excitement of our first Disney adventure, we will spend three glorious days in the sun with mom, dad, Harold, and Lloyd. I will beg Harold to take me and Mr. Husband golfing with him. He’ll hesitate, look at my older brother (Lloyd), and then nod his head in agreement. The older brother will stoutly refuse to be seen with us anywhere near a golf course. Harold will put up with us for an hour or two. He’ll totally dread it as we’ll embarrass him and hold him up and not provide the best competition. But we will provide darn good conversation and the chance for Hario to be the star of the show. We promise, Hario, we will not beat you in a golf game. You are the champ! Bathe yourself in victory and please do not hate us for being such incredibly bad golfers.

After golfing with the family, hitting happy hour after happy hour with the family, going to Disney to partake in the Disney Challenge, Mr. Husband and I will visit Vero Beach where my older brother and sister-in-law live. We will visit the ocean and sit on the beach, drinking in her moony waves. We will sit in the sand and feel the waves drift over our legs while hunting for seashells near our earthy seats. It will be the ultimate relaxation. It will be the everything. It will so be the feather in our cap. We’re so ready to start the family vacation.

We’ll have the family Truckster all packed and will hit the open road with book in hand and hands on wheel. Vacation 2009, here we come!

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countrypeapie said...

Hope you're having fun! (P.S. Your post title is one of my favorite songs. I saw Paul Simon at Oak Mountain a long time ago, and there was a bigass full moon in the sky. The crowd went crazy when he got to the line, and the moon rose over an open field.