Sunday, June 7, 2009

Marvelous Baby Shower.

The baby shower itself was amazing-wonderful-marvelous. Nader and Hind were properly showered with food and gifts and yelling and screaming kids running about. Perfect. They got a taste of what is to come. The moonwalk in the backyard for the kids had all kids hopping and laughing about. This was a shower to usher two unexpecting expecting parents into the big world of family and all it means. The focus was on children with squirt guns, bubbles, toy cars tied to balloons, and a table to paint onesies for the soon-to-arrive baby boy. The shower was a house party thrown in the middle of the day on a glorious Saturday.

The three hostesses filled the kitchen counters with dish after dish of homemade food while the guests filled the diaper cake table with gift after gift for new baby boy. We encouraged running and loud. The adults drank white wine and beer while the kids drank Capri Sun and met new friends. Everyone was together and laughing. Loud was fully achieved. The back porch was packed with the onesie table filled with kids and adults painting together.

Mr. Husband and I gave it a good go with the onesie. Turns out we simply do not have much art craft between us. I think Mr. Husband has much more, but he doesn’t know how to access it. His craft gets stuck in logic and then he’s just a great big giant brain, but, then, that’s really hot so I can do without the painting ability. The two of us worked hard at a onesie that simply didn’t look very good. While Mr. Husband may not have much craft, the craft that I have is totally retarded. I am always the retarded girl on the playground with the paint brush. It looked like shiny silver and blue boogers had slid down the front of the onesie. Not attractive. Not cute. But fun to make and we laughed. A onesie decorated with super boogers that had been to fashion week—they were ahead of their time. They were too sexy for the onesie.

There was a very low-key game as we placed the soon-to-be parents in front of the fireplace in the living room. Debs, one of the hostesses, had the idea of creating a clothesline to hang with little baby items for decoration. Nice backdrop for the baby-food-sabotage game that we’d devised. The father-to-be got to taste a lot of baby foods while being blindfolded. His wife fed him. She laughed, he gagged, and the kids clapped at the entertainment provided. That was cheap entertainment. The guests gathered to see if Nader would vomit. That really was the only goal. He didn’t gag as much as I’ve seen other fathers-to-be. He was strong. He is now fully prepared for fatherhood.

That’s all it took. A little bit of baby food.

And so the party ended with everyone fed and socialed.
The parents-to-be have four more weeks to the due date—they wait on pins and needles. They have a bag filled with 3-4 baby names and are ready to pop that baby out. I hope the baby comes soon—I’m ready!

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