Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grand Theft Now. Escape. Good.

Today is the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. My Mr. Husband was giddy like a little kid all day. Of course, he ran out to get an Xbox and the new game as soon as we got home from work. I swear he wore lightning wings to go out, shop, and come home so quickly. I didn’t even have the pizza ready and was still reading the mail when he returned.

And now he is gone. He’s gone to the Xbox. We still live in the one bedroom apartment, so we are right on top of each other. For the first couple of hours, I tried to play, smashing into walls with giggling grandeur. Then, I needed to see him play. He is an expert at the wheel. He knows video games. I remember when we’d first started dating, we were still in the make-out stage it was so early, he showed me with his hands how different game controllers work. He mimicked the movements as we cuddled up in the corner of my L-shaped couch. (My apartment was decorated as my parents’ basement circa 1985.) There was this strange gleam in his eye. He came alive. More alive than when kissing me. Well, not really. No. But it was a different kind of alive.

And so he’ll be gone for a few weeks. I’ll sit and watch him sometimes, sitting right next to him as we explore Liberty City together. We laugh so much because we’re escaping and, like, high. We’re not here. We are somewhere else. We are transformed. And we are relaxed.

Maybe I’ll sit and read sometimes, but mostly I’ll sit with him and watch. It’s a game that is easily as engrossing for passengers. I’m a passenger in his car. His stolen video car. I’m a passenger in his heart, and I just hope he keeps taking me along for the ride.


Jeff Stewart said...

Even though that's a Wii controller I'm holding in the picture, we did get an Xbox. That's the new cat-shaped controller sitting next to me.

facingthetrend said...

Hee! I love the Senator in his lap. And you know, I think Brian has that exact same bathrobe hanging up in his bathroom....