Monday, September 28, 2009

Snuggling in the Dark at Sidewalk

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Birmingham every year is one of our ultimate favorites. Like Magic City Art Connection and Artwalk—it’s a downtown event. The city. We love it. We have an awesome theatre downtown. We typically get to The Alabama Theatre for opera every year, but they’ve moved Opera Birmingham to Samford University. Snore. Not the same. No way. At Sidewalk, we usually camp out at The Alabama Theatre, making that our movie home and watching whatever the screen has to offer. The seats are squishy and comfortable and every seat in the house is good. This year, we got weekend passes and spent all day Saturday downtown.

We started the weekend off with the opening night movie at The Alabama. Loved it. It was a documentary on the best worst movie ever made. The star, George Hardy, is an Alabama native, hailing from Alex City. He and some others filled the stage with happiness and homecoming excitement. The documentary was a documentary—it showed oddness in the best possible light. It wasn’t cruel or unkind. Some things just are strange. That’s ok.

We had a lovely date night with popcorn and wine in plastic cups. We returned at 10:30 on Saturday for more popcorn and wine in plastic cups. The red wine was warm. It made us happy. We watched a movie that Mr. Husband hated—with good reason. It tried so damn hard to be a misfit flick, trying to capture what was Napoleon Dynamite but failing only to be annoying. Mr. Husband was good and pulled through like a champ. He tortured me with his pick the following night. The rest of the day, though, on Saturday was super awesome—good movies, good wine, good happiness flowing between us and out of us and over us and into us. I love being in the dark and snuggling up against my Mr. Husband, knowing that we’re sharing the same thing and calm and happy and have no place in the world to go. No one was calling. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go but here. We were the boss of us.

More wine in plastic cups. The two of us walking through the city streets all lit up with art under our fingernails. Hot dogs from Lyric Hot Dog across from The Alabama. More movies. More popcorn. More wine in plastic cups. The two of us settling down to watch a drama then some animated shorts, then another drama. And, then—The House of the Devil. Awesome movie that captures 1970s horror flicks. Totally a bit of Rosemary’s Baby and some other stuff too. Bhavesh and Leena joined us for the fright night festival, and then we danced down the street to The Carver Theatre for some Canadian humor.

It was relaxing. It was fun. The world of work was far behind us. In fact, it didn’t exist. We faded into the movie screen and escaped into different worlds. Me with my Mr. Husband beside me. There’s simply nothing better. Well, save for a real glass wine glass with wine in it. I appreciate that … wine in plastic cups comes in a close second. Cheers!

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countrypeapie said...

You two are such the urban hipsters!