Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have Blog, Will Travel. Need Grill.

Today is grill Sunday! Yes! After nine months (the amount of time that we could have spit out a newborn baby had our bodies been willing) the grill that I bought Mr. Husband for last year’s Birthannukah in August will finally be put together. Amazing. So amazing that I can’t believe it will really happen. Mr. Husband has offered a bevy of reasons for why the nine-month-old grill has yet to leave its box that is carefully holding up a variety of other things in our garage. Where will the extra cat carrier go? Where will the box of who-knows-what go? How will the mountain of empty luggage prop itself up on the side of our cluttered garage if we move the grill box?

Mysteries will be revealed today! The restructuring of the right side of the cluttered garage will be unveiled as we move the grill from its loving box. I can’t even imagine what it will be like. Is it real? Pinch me! Ouch! It’s not real yet.

Why? Because Mr. Husband is playing Fallout3. He needed to relax. Here he is down in the living room with coffee cup beside him and all hunched over, living his post-apocalyptical dream. That’s my Super Husband—saving the world at every turn. Or not turn really. Every seat. No, not that either. Every hunched over-staring-at-the-screen-until-his-eyes-bleed-slight-twitch-of-the-neck if something disturbs him while he’s on his mission. Go soldier!

But the grill! It’s Grill Sunday. We’ve been calling it that for weeks. Well, in all honesty, I’ve been calling it that for weeks. Mr. Husband has nodded in hesitant agreement.
But I saw the nod. I witnessed it. It was there. While it may have been faint at times and almost non-existent at others—there was a nod once. At least once I really saw it go. But he’s so happy with his video game and his hunching and his bleeding eyeballs.

I need grilled meats. I need. I do not mind losing the steady box-like structure from the right side of the garage. I will help. I will hand him the wrench or the screwdriver or the mallet or the axe. Whatever he needs, I will help. I will plant an herb garden beside him. It will be fair. We will both work in the garage together. Saving the video game world can wait. Save my grill! Save my grilled meats from never seeing the light of day. And I have the perfect plates. They’re called “grill plates” from Villeryoy & Boch. They have little squares sectioned off for not-grilled items and a large area for grilled items. Need a grill to fill the grilled items section! Please let us light the grill (once it’s out of its box and put together). Let us buy propane and propane accessories.

12:40 pm: Still no grill. Mr. Husband is holding down the enemy on the couch.

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